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Baby Registry Must Haves

20 May 2017, Saturday

You’re having a baby, YAY! If you’re anything like me, planning needs to start NOW.

So, you set aside some time (while you still have, enjoy it, along with your body, this too will no longer be your own), you pour yourself a cup of whatever it is you’re allowing yourself to drink (pregnancy right?) and you whip out your list-making skills…you’ve got this…and then…nothing.

This is probably the first (and definitely not the last) time during your parenthood journey that you won’t be quite sure what to do, you’re “winging” it…and while that might work with your eye liner (hello Beyoncé) it’s not something you want to test run on your baby registry. To make this task a little less daunting, and because we are here to help you nail this parenting thing, we have decided to put together this handy little guide consisting of some ‘’Baby Registry Must Have’s’’, some of which are conveniently stocked on this site…yes, we’re awesome like that.

Have a read, create your registry, and successfully tick one extra thing off your to-do-list…

  1. Wet wipes – you will be surprised just how many uses these have, from changing nappies to wiping that milk stain off your white shirt, or wiping down that sticky trolley handle, you’re definitely going to want to have these around.

    *tip: try purchase ‘Pure beginnings’ wipes – they’re fragrance and alcohol free to avoid irritating your baby’s skin

  2. Bum cream – for preventing and soothing all those red lumps and bumps that appear in the first months.

    *tip: The ‘Pure Beginnings Bum Cream’ contains baobab extract as well as olive, lavender and tea tree oil. Super handy – it can be used to treat nappy rash as well as little insect bites and stings.

  3. A Baby Bag – the possibilities and styles when it comes to baby bags are endless. From backpacks to bags, in leather or fabric, patterned or plain. This is a nice buy that allows you to incorporate your style into your everyday parenting life.
  4. Baby bath products – shampoo, body wash, moisturizers. We recommend that all these be fragrance free and organic, to avoid irritating baby’s skin. Pure Beginnings provide great skin friendly options.
  5. A bath seat – a practical must have to reduce the toll bathing baby takes on your knees and back. It also allows you to have a free hand to give baby the necessary attention during bath time.
  6. Bath towels – We just love the little hooded bath towels which take your baby’s body needs into consideration and keep their head (main source of heat retention) covered and warm.
  7. Breastfeeding bra – although these are not the sexiest of items, the necessity is strong with this one! These guys provide a functional alternative to normal bras as they allow easy and discrete access to the twins.
  8. Breast pads – another necessity, if you are the type of mom who wants to avoid the embarrassing leaks through your bra and onto your shirt (not quite the wet t-shirt contest your partners been dreaming of) we recommend stocking up on these. A personal favourite of mine is the Pigeon brand.
  9. Nipple cream – to sooth those sore nipples

    *tip: try purchase a cream with lanolin for ultimate soothing, repair and nipple protection.

  10. A feeding pillow – your comfort plays a big part in successfully feeding your baby.
  11. A breast pump – for all the moms wanting to express. From manual to electric, single or double, the brands and designs are endless. Do some research and find the right one for you.
  12. Blankets – a variety of blankets to suit all types of weather. Muslins, cotton receiving blankets, swaddling blankets and snuggly ones for those cold nights, baby blankets are a must! Check out ZUZU’s baby blankets by Myang.
  13. Interactive toys – for encouraging baby’s development. Shop Gnash Kid’s range of teethers and toys here.
  14. Baby vests onesies – you will find yourself going through loads of these! They go under everything and anything and can double up as a baby grow to sleep in. We love the selection of onesies by Tiny Tribe Kids available on our site.
  15. Items for you – stretch mark cream, magazines, Belly Binder, pretty nighties. Don’t forget to take time to spoil and look after yourself, whether it is a much-needed shower or a trip to the spa. Treat yourself!