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#morethanordinary – meet Ayesha

15 October 2018, Monday

You spoke and we listened! The second mom you nominated as #morethanordinary is being featured in this blog. Meet Ayesha - an amazing mother of three boys and mompreneur.

Who makes up your family?

My family is made up of my 3 sons, my husband and I. Ahmed is 7 years next month, Zayd is 4 years and Daniyaal will be 1 year next month.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a sometimes stilleto-wearing-mompreneur. I love coffee as much as I love tea (yes, it’s possible). Books are my escape and my weakness. I try to eat healthy but I love food so balance is important to me. Summer is my favourite time of the year and you will find me all bundled up at the slightest drop in temperature. I love my home city, Durban and don’t think I could live away from the seaside. I’m a chartered accountant by profession. They say necessity is the mother of invention. In my search for a suitable pacifier strap for my son, Zayd, who suffered from severe reflux, I stumbled into my business and discovered a passion for design of premium baby and kids products. And so Bombelino was born.

What do you enjoy most about being a mom?

My children have taught me patience and how to love unconditionally. They are my morning and evening. And are the reason I strive to be a better person.

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What are some of your 'mom-challenges'?

Being a mom to a child with special needs, the struggle to maintain a balance, being present for all my children can be overwhelming. There’s always that guilt that one child is being over looked. I also think the saying that a parent should be the calm to a child’s chaos is easier said than done when you’ve just about had enough. That being said I’m always reading and learning how to be a better mom. Sometimes it’s trial and error.

Do you have any advice or encouragement for other moms?

Go with your gut. More often than not it’s the right answer. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s no such thing as a perfect mom. But you are perfect for your child!

What do you as a family get up to on weekends?

Ahmed loves sports. We spend a lot of time outdoors playing soccer and cricket. We also enjoy visiting markets and spending time at home as a family.

What's your favourite ZUZU collective product?

My favorite product has to be the Brushstroke leggings and the raglan Little Bro sweater from Tiny Tribe. Super cute and trendy!

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