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Get to know the brand – Book Dash

14 January 2019, Monday

According to research, books in the home are the single biggest indicator of academic success, more so than parents’ education. It is for this reason, because of the value of books and book ownership, that Book Dash was started. We're super proud to be stocking this brand and have already had an overwhelming response towards this product. When you purchase a Book Dash book you're putting books into the hands of on to find out more...

Who is Book Dash?

Book Dash is a non-profit organisation. They hold Book Dash events around the country where professional creatives; illustrators, writers and designers, volunteer 12 hours of their time to create African children's books. These books are beautifully written and illustrated and are translated into numerous languages for distribution around Africa. In the past 4 years Book Dash has created 108 storybooks and has printed and distributed 400 000 books to children across the country.

Why Book Dash?

In South Africa literacy levels are low. This plays a huge role in crippling the education system and contributes a large cost to the economy. Research is clear that every child should own 100 books by the time they're five. But book ownership in South Africa is poor, despite the fact that improving access to books for low-income children is a low-cost, high impact way of addressing the problem. The traditional way of publishing books is extremely costly and so Book Dash uses a 12 hour contracted method to address this problem, create affordable books and promote academic success.


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Book distribution

Book Dash give away free books which have been printed using donations and funding from sponsors. They work with early-childhood and literacy organisations in order to distribute the books to children in need.

How can you help?

Buy a Book Dash book on from ZUZU collective here. You can also visit Book Dash and make a donation. If you're a creative - get in touch and apply to volunteer at the next Book Dash.

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