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Baby shower inspiration

4 January 2018, Thursday

We recently decided to do a 'baby shower inspiration' shoot. Hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful when planning a baby shower whether it's yours or a friend's. We know that sometimes putting together a baby shower is stressful! But it really doesn't have to be difficult and keeping things simple provides stunning style. 

The foliage wall piece was quick and easy to make. We just bought some foliage and used florist tape to tape the foliage to a piece of wood. The wood was then hung up onto the wall. Brown bags can be used as party favour bags. Display your food on pretty platters and bowls, these can also be various heights to make the table look more eye-catching. The helium balloons and paper lanterns also add height, both of which we found at a local party shop.

baby shower shoot 1
baby shower shoot 2
baby shower shoot 3
baby shower shoot 5
baby shower shoot 5


Photographer - Jared Hinde / Foliage wall piece - Sarah Hinde / Decor - Sarah Hinde & Kerryn Jones / Cake - 

Remember to tag us (@zuzucollective) in your baby shower creations! For more inspo - read our other baby shower blogs here.