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Make a baby shower flower crown

3 December 2017, Sunday

We're always looking for creative ideas to make a moms feel special. A few weekends ago we tried our hand at making flower crowns. What fun! And definitely not as difficult as you would think. Create the crown yourself and use it for your maternity shoot or spoil mom-to-be by creating this crown she can wear on the day of her baby shower. 

What you will need:

Florist wire - you can get this from your local florist or craft store

Florist tape -  this tape comes in different colours. We chose a dark green to match the plants. You can get this from your local florist or craft store


Your favourite flowers – it is nice to have some small ones that can be fillers in amongst the bigger flowers. We used chrysanthemums and various greenery.

How to make your flower crown:

1. Wrap some of the florist wire around your head to measure the size you need for your flower crown. Once you’re happy with the measurement make a mark and wrap the wire around itself to secure the size.

2. Take some extra wire and wrap it around your flower crown base for extra stability.

3. Wrap the entire flower crown in florist tape so none of the wire is exposed. This step is optional as once you add the flowers, most of the wire will be covered by the tape. We wanted to make sure that there weren’t any sharp ends and also add to the stability of the crown.

Tip: The florist tape has to be stretched slightly to make it sticky.

4. Now that you have the base of the crown you can start adding the flowers! Before you start adding the flowers to the flower crown make sure each flower has a stem of about 2cm to attach it to the crown.

5. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, first lay your crown flat and place the flowers around the crown until you’re happy with the arrangement.

Tip: make sure the flowers are all going in the same direction (either clockwise or anticlockwise).

6. Now you can start adding the flowers to the crown. Take a flower and secure it to the wire frame with the florist tape. Depending on your arrangement you can add more than one flower at a time and keep going until you have filled up the crown and you are happy with how it looks.

And that’s it – try on your flower crown and adjust the shape to fit comfortable on your head and you’re done! Once you've created your masterpiece...grab your photographer and hit the beach! Here are some pics from the maternity shoot we did.

Thank you to the awesome team involved in this maternity shoot: Flower Crown - Sarah Hinde / Model - Des Dales / Photography - Emily Rodrigues (maternity shoot) and Jared Hinde (flower crown how-to)