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Baby Shower – DIY Decor

6 June 2018, Wednesday


We can't remember the last time we did arts and crafts but we really had some fun with this Baby Shower DIY! We love looking through Pinterest for inspiration and always find something that inspires us! Recently we found something similar to this Baby Shower DIY and loved the idea of an actual "shower"! We thought we would give it a try and see how easy it would be. 


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Baby Shower DIY

What you will need:

First decide on your colour scheme - we went for a neutrals colour scheme (but this would looking stunning in pink or blue) and then get together the following supplies:

  • Wooden dowel (we bound two dowels together to form one dowel about 600mm wide)
  • balloons (we thought white looked the most like "clouds")
  • string (we used a thin cotton so it wouldn't be to visable but any string will do)
  • Sellotape
  • Cut out rain drops (we went for an ombre of white, brown and gold)

Don't worry about drawing your own raindrops - you can download our template here (ZUZU collective - Rain Drop Template). We also wouldn't worry about having to buy cardboard, we used regular white paper we had at home and it worked just fine.

Each piece of string tied onto the dowel

Baby Shower DIY

Rain drops laid out face down behind the string

How to put it all together

  1. Measure the height of the wall where you want to hang your Baby Shower DIY. It doesn't have to be exact just a rough estimate so you know how long to cut your string. We made our height ~1.1m because it was hanging above a table but you could do a full length from ceiling to floor (if you have the time!)
  2. Cut pieces of string the length of your measured height and tie them onto your wooden dowel. We cut 5 pieces of strings which we would recommend as the minimum. 
  3. Lay your dowel and string out on a flat table and arrange your rain drops along each string. (Place the rain drops upside down and underneath the string so you can secure them in the next step)
  4. Once you are happy with the arrangement of your rain drops, secure each one to the string with a piece of Sellotape. 
  5. Now you're almost there! The final touch is tying your balloons to the top of the dowel to look like some "clouds"
  6. We had a picture rail we attached our dowel to and we're done!

This Baby Shower DIY looks really effective and was a fun little project! The trickiest part was probably trying to tie the balloons onto the dowel but other than that it was much easier than we thought. Do you have or know someone planning a baby shower? Give this DIY a try and if you do please tag us on social media (@zuzucollective) as we would love to see your creations.

Baby Shower DIY